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Entry #3

9 years on NG

9/12/13 by Murray

Once again I remind myself the day I signed up to this website and to be honest I'm surprised I can still remember it at this point. I didn't even realise it was 9/11 yesterday until halfway through the day when others mentioned it. So what can I say about my 9th year on NG over the last 12 months? There's one simple word that describes my time on NG from last 12th September to now: Decline.

If you regularly browse on the BBS even to this day, you'll know how little I've been active overall. I've hardly posted as much and I'm sure I've only done a minimal amount of modding this year so really I shouldn't have my mod status anymore if things go this way for me. To be honest, there's been a few things that have triggered the downhill of my contributions on here and they mostly relate to the real world.

You may or may not know that I had a girlfriend earlier on this year. This was sadly short lived and when it came back to single life, it made me rethink what I was doing with my spare time. I felt I was less interested in being active on this site so I put most of my activities on the back seat and spent my free time on other things. Although most of my internet time is spent on social networks (i.e. Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr), it's not entirely a bad call since being more active on Tumblr has found myself with interesting new people with some I've even met in the outside world and I have some plans to meet other people from there in the near-future.

This year alone I've been thinking to myself how much it sucks to be stuck at home doing pretty much nothing. I'm jobless for the most part and it's not easy to find ways to get myself out of the house with the exception of Wednesdays and Saturdays where I'm seeing my friends as usual but recently I have motivated myself to go out on Friday night more often. I wasn't too sure of it at first since I hardly knew anyone that would be going anywhere but as I acquired some more connections, it's been easier to socialise and now I simply can't deal with being stuck at home on a Friday night anymore. I just enjoy myself talking to the old and the new at the local rock bar and as time progresses I'm bound to know more great people!

I suppose what I'm trying to say here is how I feel I'm getting somewhere in life when I'm out and about in the outside world. Being stuck at home just feels bleak and I need to make great use out of my free time. Sadly Newgrounds can offer very little for me now and as much as I wanted to have a good decade on here, it gets harder and harder to maintain activity and by this time next year I'll probably even struggle to do my daily deposits. If it happens that I find myself with very little time and motivation on here then it must mean I'm getting too occupied with other things in life which is always a good thing. Even if I go elsewhere, those that wish to remain in contact with me can still do whether it's PM on here, Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter. All my contacts are seen on the userpage so feel free to add me on any of them.


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Happy 9.5 years (nearly) on NG, man.

I wouldn't know about your inactivity on the NG forums since I'm even less active than you there, but of course I knew of some of the other IRL stuff from talking to you on Steam IM or NG PM from time to time. Sorry to hear that you're finding tumblr and twitter more engaging, but... those sites are designed around constant streams of other users' content, whereas NG's only area like that is the flash portal... and if you don't vote on UJ flashes that much anymore, as so many of us now don't... well, hard to feel engaged the same way.

Anywho. The slow fade mirrors our lives in general, but nothing says you can't enjoy things in the meantime. :)

2/24/14 Murray responds:

Heh, good point. If I thought my activity was bad, you're a hell lot worse. Imagine if I ever reach the same level of activity as you but that means slipping up with many deposits and I can't do that at this time. :P My use of Tumblr has dropped a bit but Twitter and Facebook remains strong. Doing a catch up on your Tumblr feed is hell to do so I just stuck to the individuals I want to catch up on. Speaking of social medias, I have recently added you on Twitter and Facebook on my modern accounts, even though you probably haven't even touched them for years now.



Watched the first episode. I like this shit already.

1/15/14 Murray responds:

Good man! :D



Nice. Do tell, where would it be from?

1/15/14 Murray responds:

Cromartie High School. Generally I don't watch anime but this show is fantastic. It isn't that long of a show either with only 26 episodes each being 15 minutes long.


1/15/14 that Freddie Mercury as your user icon?

1/15/14 Murray responds:




I came to your page out of some nostalgia of when I bothered you to give me lists of submissions that needed icons. Sadly, I find myself too busy with my life nowadays to even consider doing things like that.

Newgrounds is that site I grew up with and just can't let go of, but the golden days will only live in our memories.

1/15/14 Murray responds:

Ah yes, those were the days. I'm the same with you on that. I just can't let go of this place but I still find myself wondering when I'll drift away. :P



9/11 was the greatest day of my life, I had sex for the first time, and it was damn cool too, though, the people dying was a bummer.

Maybe I shouldn't have had the news on while I was doing it.

1/12/14 Murray responds:

No, this is 912.



.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ----"
send this GUN to everyone you care about including me if you care. C how many times you get this, if you get a 13 your A TRUE HOMIE

12/28/13 Murray responds:

Dude, lay off the drugs.



While your story certainly evokes my utmost sympathy for your dilemna...I'm afraid your crime may only be forgiven upon successful relinquish of moderator status.

Good day.

12/6/13 Murray responds:

It'll happen... eventually.



Well good job winning Wimbledon this year anyway

12/6/13 Murray responds:

Oh yeah, thanks. :3

Please disregard what I mentioned earlier, I mean really I just felt depressed back then I know it might sound crazy but I kind of figured out what love is... I mean really it's like a Half-pound type of situation... I Mean, I liked to visit the UK again, but what my Technical circumstance is this "Money, sex, and drugs I don't mind!" but it's just that I've had enough with a Local Bastard that is gonna rip-off my NG Reputation... But All I know now that he doesn't exist....! Anyways, I know this might sound unethical by the strange phenomenon but I'm going to have to act More Mature!

11/20/13 Murray responds:




Shut up.

11/19/13 Murray responds:

Sorry. :c

dude that's a good name also, I'm sorry if I prayed to the holy full moon..... but I showed that evil She-devil the rights she's lost. It's Ace in the hole for a reason... because in Poker, Joker is banned quite frankly, because it is an unknown card aka Wild card which is now officially banned by Default... Yeah, I'm trying to learn some british English in my College as well!

11/19/13 Murray responds:


Why did you change your name after so long? I just hit 7 years! to bad half of it ive been very in active.

11/19/13 Murray responds:

I got tired of the name Bahamut. Murray is the name I'm more adapted to nowadays.



Stop changing your username because I keep thinking you've had your account deleted and change scares me.

10/11/13 Murray responds:

Don't worry, this name is for real now. And besides, if ever in doubt just look up Bahamut and it'll redirect. ;)

Also, was it your birthday the other day? I know it was around now so happy (belated) birthday man!

Pretty much everyone went down that road. Eventually, even depositing will become a chore. I know I'm at that point. After level 60, there won't be any reason to come back regularly. Most of the videos are available on other websites and when it comes to gaming, choice is not a problem.

Maybe I'm wrong but I think Newgrounds is following the parade instead of leading the pack. The art portal was a great idea but I haven't seen much since then (granted, I don't look at all the details).

An indie website is nice and all but I think he should have taken the venture capitalist's money. While the offer was on the table, I was against it. Now, I think it's a worthy gamble. A way to reinvent themselves. I usually take steam as an example. That platform and website always feels fresh. Greenlight and Alpha games are two brilliant moves. That's what leading the pack looks like.

Yeah, that sounds cynical. To be fair, I think it's not too late for Newgrounds. I don't know their financial and strategic situation but it doesn't seem to be troublesome.

It's weird that I barely talked to you on the BBS but I post here sometimes. Only thing we had in common was our long chats with gfox. He was my favorite BBS user back then (we're both suckers for statistics). As if I recognize you as a gfox's student and I can't ignore you. ;D

9/30/13 Murray responds:

Depositing my alts became a chore after a while so I suppose somewhere down the line depositing my main account will feel like a chore to me. I already don't feel like updating the EXP list all that much and finding new users to add on there all the time is a pain in the arse.

There was certainly a time when Newgrounds did lead on but now their progression has sadly not only grown so slow, they're also making steps backwards, some of which are sadly unavoidable. Moving the entire staff team away from their office as well as the closure of the store are not good signs. I don't want to think there's no hope for the site left but it's clear as day they're struggling.

Valve and Steam have the right set of mind for their business as well as their future. We've recently seen the Steam Machine announcements and for them to find a way to move onto console is hard to be not impressed by but I have to see how that goes first before making considerations to get one. The Greenlight system is one way to secure themselves for a good long time. A few years back there was none of this for Steam but these have been recent things for them so it makes you think where they will be in 20 years time. Valve as a games developer can do fuck all for a few decades and still be alive.

I barely remember some of our brief conversations on the BBS but that's going all the way back to 2005 since you stopped posting a long time ago. I should probably stop posting myself but I keep checking back if anything new has been said in certain threads, although it's only a few times a day that I do that now as opposed to all day long. I guess I have an easier time giving up smoking than giving up the BBS. :P

If there's one guy that I always like to see around here, it's gfox. I still have my long chats with him but when he can reply to my PMs is another question. I occasionally catch him on Steam but half of the time it only happens when I'm wasted as fuck after drinking a lot outside the house and I'm on the laptop at 4 in the morning or something silly like that. Not sure if you get to speak to him via PM in recent times but it's always good to see someone else who enjoyed gfox for his long conversations on the internet. It's very rare you can be able to do that and enjoy it thoroughly.

On an unrelated note Murray, I know you don't like Ant & Dec (as you told us in your old Gaming Bullshit Rants), but did you ever listen to their song "Let's Get Ready to Rhumble"? That song came out when hip-hop was the bee's knees in 1994, and Ant & Dec were known as "P.J. & Duncan" back then. Just saying.

9/22/13 Murray responds:

Never even knew about that and to be honest, I wish I never did. :P



When I think about you, it just seems like you've done it all on NG (save reaching level 60) and coming here just starts to feel obligatory and forced. (I've felt that way myself, well except for the "done it all" part.) :P With the lack of activity on the BBS (wi/ht, in particular) there seems to be little reason to stick around in the community.

I'm retiring from uj voting here in the next couple weeks, which is kind of sad, but I just feel like it's the right time. It'll be down to depositing and updating the Hexalist/B/P update for the foreseeable future.

9/12/13 (Updated 9/12/13) Murray responds:

You're right about myself doing it all on here. How does it get any better than winning a tank award? That's not to say that I was going to take the trophy and then leave since it's been two years after I earned it and still tried to do what I can on here. However, I do feel that I've spent more time here than I should have but at least the future is going to correct that.

The BBS' decline in activity has been one reason why I'm finding less and less point to be hanging around for hours on end. I look at my Twitter feed or Tumblr dashboard and it's buzzing with activity all the time. It's clear which places are better to spend time on when I've not got so much to do at home.

You may have your stuff to do and while I've got the EXP updates to manage, it's actually only going to be a matter of time until I call it a day for it. I'll announce the retirement date whenever I'm ready.

Also, your talk of retiring from UJ makes me laugh since I did that four years ago. :P