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Ponies suck

Because they grow up to be horses which are useful for human warriors to fight against dragons, lol. Putting that aside, this was a great song dedicated to me. Sure, I could critique on the song structure such as repeating the chorus far too many times as well as the contradiction with "he doesn't like ponies" and "he loves everyone"... Unless that means I love... NO, not going there! It's easy to just lay back and have some laughs instead of being Douchey McNitpick. However, the way you sing this song makes it sound like it was heavily based off a popular song that doesn't stick on top of my head. Ah well, it's still a fun song and I appreciate the thought.

P.S. Nice way finding a loophole to our agreement. I suppose you making this movie was part of my plan. :P


Ragnarokia responds:

I ride my ponies to battle as a white mage my fast movement is of the essence!

You love everyone, and yes that does include what you are avoiding saying :) Also I really didn't have a song in mind when I made this, I might have subconciously had one but I wasn't basing it on any. Who knows I guess you said it reminded you of that certain song and it may very well have come out as I do listen to it a lot :)

You are welcome Bahamut, I had fun making it. Also yes loopholes ftw.

Whoops, someone started the party early!

For those that may not be aware, my actual birthday is the 12th and not today. Putting that aside, this was a very nice early birthday present. I like how the majority of characters were borrowed from my submissions (although how you managed to get those character models without any .fla files of them is to ponder about some other time but I have no objections at all) and it's a fitting tribute. If there's one thing that I gathered from this movie, it's that dancing dragons are hypnotizing. The movie went by very quick because of that. Overall, it's a nice tribute to my flash animations and it's a great reminder of how much fun I had with them back in the day. Thank you very much for making this movie for me, even if you posted it a day early.


Hacsev responds:

I apologize for submitting it early. But I'm very glad you enjoyed my present. Perhaps I should have talked about borrowing your characters, but then it would not have turn into much of a surprise, now would it? Anyways, glad you liked it, Bahamut!

Funniest movie on Newgrounds in years

I caught this movie on the NG live broadcast and since then I've had to watch this times a few times. The voice acting put together with the facial expressions of the son and the dad had me crying with laughter, even when the dad was mooing like a cow. I felt the minimal animation added a charm to the movie but I still enjoyed the animation with the killing at the end. Overall, it's an all around hilarious flash and it's been so long since I watched a flash movie that had me laughing this much.


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Unfinished :(

Too bad this flash is unfinished. It would've been good if it was finished, but as you said, you lost the .fla file, so there wasn't much you could do. The two weapons I was able to choose here, heh, the violence did make me laugh. There were some good music used here, but overall, an unfinished flash, which is disappointing.



The graphics in this flash, the two mixer things. The sound, there were music instruments (bongos, 2 drums, bas, guitar, horns and clav) and there were sound effects on the other mixer had voices. I wasn't too interested in this flash much, but this mixer thing was quite good. Maybe there could've been a little more things added here. Nice work on this flash.



The graphics in this flash were quite good. The animation was OK. The sound, heh, those weird sound effects. This flash, it was mushroom fun by clicking on the mushrooms to see weird things with those mushrooms. It did make me laugh a bit. I just didn't think that the cursor can't tell you what you can click on. :S Oh well, nice work on this flash. :)


BlueHippo responds:

its shit i might delete this flash too :(

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Nice thrash loop.

This is a great attempt at a thrash metal track. The tempo of the track is at the right settings for thrash metal and is aggressive. I felt the absence of vocals made it better as they're not necessary here. As an instrumental, it's much better. This track is short and sweet and also loops well. As usual from you, the track title is humorous. Nice work Casualty and I hope to see more trash metal from you in the near future.


Casualty responds:

thanks mate! it's good to hear your opinion about the vocals. about more thrash metal songs... Who knows, I never knew I was going to play this anyway so we'll see :D



"Fuck Shit Piss Cunt" repeating a few times. It was a bit funny. Although I thought the song was very short (just a loop song I guess, so that's ok) and it is techno, but I did enjoy listening to this song with the Cats' voice saying "Fuck Shit Piss Cunt". Nice work Casualty!


Casualty responds:

Why thank you sir! Yeah it's techno and it's gay and stuff, but this were my very first beginnings LMAO.

I remember this

I remember listening to this funny weird song back in 2004. Loads of random noises added to this song and it does give me a laugh. It still does make me laugh. :) Great work on this funny little song.


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Apparently there's five of me

Now that's something I don't see everyday. I really love the take on the famous Dogs Playing Poker artwork but with Bahamut (I could have sworn I had a similar idea in mind ages ago). Definitely some humour value there!

The drawing of the five Bahamuts is pretty good, although they could be better. The only flaws that can be pointed out are the horns for centre Bahamut and the one closest to the grandfather clock. Although there's quite a bit of detail to dragons, the horns for them could have been sharper (for the centre one at least) and straighter (for the other) to keep the consistency with the other Bahamuts.

The other fault that comes to mind is the wings of the Bahamut whose back is facing towards us. The lining of the wings to the body look really strange and don't match evenly to each other.

Overall, a few flaws here and there but the humour value and the awesome idea of five Bahamuts playing poker definitely makes up for the downfalls. Great work reverend. If this was in the Art Portal, I'd definitely put it in my favourite artworks!


reverend responds:

To be honest, I thought those were ears so I made them floppy. Thanks for the review and I'll work on changes in the future.

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